Pollitt's Argumentative Essay

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Differences between the sexes is something that will debatable until time comes to an end. Condorcet has the premise that gender inequality comes from social establishments and the fact men use more physical force normally than women. The counter to some of these beliefs, which Pollitt presents, is that the gender differences lay in the foundation of economic structures. Both of these philosophers have valid arguments and claims, but one theory has more to prove to be valid.
Condorcet’s argues that gender inequality comes from the basic institutions. His theory lacks good evidence and premises that are needed for it to be proven. When proving something as vast as this, solid facts are needed. Condorcet blames men for using the power and physical force they are born with, which he admits. He gives no explicit reason on how eliminating the strength from men will result in the general …show more content…

Stating that she only believes minor physical differences exist between men and women. The biased economic structures are what currently hold women back from reaching their full potential. After Pollitt considers Gilligan’s essay, which she believes that women have more nurturer and caregiver traits than men. This premise is outdated and has not been fully challenged in recent enough years to fully conclude. With Pollitt using Sara Ruddick and her research on how men can develop nurturing characteristics. Women can also go through this, but they have the characteristics to become to prosper in the economic world. Pollitt recognizes that difference feminism is the way the world runs right now. This is attributed to what people want to know, and requires no further action from people to make change. The only way the current system is going to be changed is by action taken by mass amounts people coming together to recognize what has to

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