Pollution And Environmental Impacts Of Acid Rain

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Sulfur Dioxide Pollution in Sullivan County The environmental issue that I have chosen to talk about is sulfur dioxide pollution, specifically in my community and surrounding communities. “The environmental impact of acid rain is that it is a major contributor to acid rain” (Sulfur Dioxide). Acid rain is just normal rain but with a lower pH, “this slightly more acidic water gets into ponds and streams and can alter the biodiversity of it by making the water not suitable for certain species. Another effect of acid rain is that it can leach aluminum into the soil, aluminum is harmful to plant life and wildlife” (Effects of Acid Rain). “The impact on people is the increased likelihood of someone developing short term or long term respiratory …show more content…

Just saying switch to a sustainable energy source does not say much, there needs to be a plan in place with milestones to reach along the way. Solar would be the most practical of the renewable energy sources for my community because it only requires a small amount of space and the sun. The easiest way to encourage solar energy is going to be to incentivize it, there needs to be some tax deductions for having renewable energy sources. The most effective way to do this is at the state of local government level, by lowering property taxes or cutting taxes for those who have solar panels will greatly incentivize it. This should take anywhere between 5-15 years to get people to switch over to renewable sources of energy. I look at a city not too far from my town Rutland Vermont, they have been slowly converting to solar over the past 5 years and now they have many sizable solar farms that produce power for the city’s residence. So picture something like that in a small town setting where most people have solar panels and power their own homes. There are a few challenges associated with this, people are going to need to spend money on something that will not be making or saving them money until a few years down the road. People will only see the short term high cost of installation and it might dissuade them from converting to a renewable energy source. Another is some people might think that solar panels would be out of their grasp because of the high price tag.

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