Polly In Regeneration

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Based on things happen in the first half of the novel, here are my predictions of things may happen on the second half: first, Colin will go back to 1940 and rescue Polly, Mike and Eileen; second, relationship between Eileen and the vicar will be deepen; third, Mary and Polly are in fact the same person. First of all, I predict that Colin will go to 1940 and rescue Polly mainly because of a foreshadowing conversation between Polly and Colin. When Colin tries to convince Polly to accept his love, he says:
We’re absolutely made for each other…… And there’s not point of falling in love with someone in this time because even if you start of at the same age, after a few flashtime assignment you’ll be too old for him. And they can’t come rescue …show more content…

Second, I predict the relationship between the vicar and Eileen will be deepen because of her thoughts before leaving 1940 and the vicar: “ ‘I’m going to miss you,’ she thought, and wished she could tell him goodbye instead of sneaking away, but she was going to have enough difficulty even doing that.”(125) I can tell that Eileen has some feelings toward the Vicar and as a novel, romance is a necessary part to make the novel attractive. So I predict that later on Eileen and the vicar will develop a romantic relationship. Lastly, I predict that Mary and Polly is the same person. Polly says that she will die before 1944 because she did an assignment in 1944 before and “ a historian cannot appear in the same time twice”(203). This means she has gone to 1994 before. Mary Kent appears several times in this novel as a seemingly unrelated character to the main plot, however, her only connection to the main plot is the time and location she exists : “Dulwich, Surrey----13 June 1944”(115) which is exactly the place and time Polly said she once went to for her assignment. Generally, there are a lot of foreshadowing and narration interposition in this novel which let readers have a lot of …show more content…

Polly accidentally changed the history and finds herself trapped in 1940. Mike rescued soldiers that he should not rescue and can not open his drop site again. Eileen develops a feeling and sympathy towards the kids and the vicar and finds herself unable to go back to 2060.This is what i meant by “cause and result” and “Causal Loop”. They realize this, that they changed their own fate and that they have to walk the path themselves even though the path is full of thorns. It is hard for Polly to face and hide her deadline by herself; it is tough for Eileen to forget about Vicar and the kids and keep up with hopes; it is hard for Michael to protect his friends even though it is hard enough for him to even walk with one foot. They overcome all the difficulties, they remain strong and stand still, they know that they can and they will make up their own fate. This is also what touches me for the most throughout

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” teaches me this profound thought by telling an intricate story between three brave historians. They suffer, as we do; they overcome, as we do; they share the happiness of success, as we do. tells something that connect tightly to our daily life, to the true nature of humanity and out path of life. I highly recommend

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