Polygamy Is Not All The Hype

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People have participated in polygamy in approximately 85 percent of societies (Kaczor). Our society is one of the eighty-five percent that has practiced polygamy. Polygamy is given the negative bias in our society, but the Brown family is pushing the boundaries of reality television by trying to shine a positive light on polygamy. There are two sides to polygamy, like every story, polygamy is not all the hype it is given. The nettle of the proponents and opponents of polygamy is a battle of morals and ethics. Should it be ethical for someone to have more than one spouse? Is it morally acceptable to let children live with multiple stepmothers? Polygamy is not a common practice in the United States due to the fact that it is illegal, but…show more content…
Polygynandry is where two or more men are married to two or more woman. Polygamy may come in different forms, but the general idea of polygamy is having more than one spouse.
The idea of having more than one spouse originated millions of years ago. During times when the female population was higher than the male population, polygamy was common so that each female could have a sense of financial stability from a husband. Polygamy was accepted throughout societies because of the need for woman to have a husband to financially support her and give her a family. Then when better medical care was able to save more lives the male and female population became almost equal in numbers, this caused the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church to impose the rule of having just one wife, but multiple other lovers were the norm (History of Polygamy). Polygamy was then unacceptable in the United States when The Roman Catholic Church imposed the new rule. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints allowed polygamy into the United Sates (History of Polygamy). When polygamy was allowed back into the United States many people were upset with the unethical practice being allowed back into the United States. Polygamy in the United States ended back in the year 1890 when Wilford Woodruff was the president. But officially it was the year 1899 when the members of this church began to be thrown out for being polygamous (History
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