Ponyboys Script

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ally: Glory, he looks different with his hair like that. Ponyboy: Hey Dally! Dally: Hey, Ponyboy! Or should I say Sleeping Beauty? Ponyboy: How's Sodapop? Are the fuzz after us? Is Darry all right? Do the boys know where we are? What… Dally: Hold on, kid, I can't answer everything at once. You two want to go get something to eat first? I skipped breakfast and I'm about starved. Johnny: You’re starved? We’ve been living off baloney for a week! Ponyboy: Is it safe to go out? Dally: Yep. Gotta cancer stick, Johnnycake? The fuzz won't be lookin' for you around here. They think you've lit out for Texas. I've got Buck's T-bird parked down the road a little way. Goshamighty, boys, ain't you been eatin' anything? Johnny: Yeah. Whatever gave you the

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