Port Noarlunga Reef is Adelaide’s Main Attraction

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Introduction: The Port Noarlunga Reef is Adelaide’s main attraction. The reef exists on the eastern side of Gulf St Vincent discovered in 1971 and used for about 36 years. This narrow reef is a sandstone reef as it was formed by sand dunes. The reef is 1.6km long and lying 400m offshore. The reef is separated to two where on one of the sides the species are protected and is a reserve while the other side is where the species are not endangered which includes a mix of heterotrophs and autotrophs. In this part of the reef you can fish or do activities such as boating, snorkelling, Scuba diving, swimming, and recreational fishing. Many focus on snorkelling and Scuba diving, which makes Port Noarlunga reef special and attracts 170,000 visitors per year. The ability to interact with the species and swim and snorkel or scuba dive makes the experience much more natural and fun and hence makes this place Adelaide number one attraction. There is also a underwater trail where this gives education to the youth and also enhances the experience in marine ecosystem. Positives: The human impact on the reef has caused a lot of damage and so in 1971 the City of Onkaparinga, State Government, Coast care groups and environmental organisations all had supported a decision to protect the reef. So the reef has now a reserved part which is protected and separated from the one open to tourists. The positive effect of human intervention has been creating this 300 ha of aquatic reserve to safe

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