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Growing up in the Portland-Metro area, I often heard about Portland Public School District, but only ever saw a Portland public high school when the football team I was a member of had an away game at Grant. I heard that Portland schools were rough, poor, and simply “not as good” as the suburban schools my friends and I attended. I grew up in the Beaverton School district went to Aloha high school – socially considered the “poor school” of the district and in fact the most ethnically diverse. * As a whole, the students of Aloha were distinguished as “others,” set apart from the more affluent and white high schools within our school district. Despite being labeled as “others,” there was an overarching social force that determined Aloha High still superior to any of the Portland Public schools. Now I have the chance to be a member of one of these Portland Public Schools that was constantly looked down upon as lesser by the kids within the Beaverton School District – and I love the opportunity. I am currently volunteering in Roosevelt High School. Roosevelt is a diverse school in all senses of the word – ethnicity, social class, sexuality, etc. In the volunteer orientation, the individual leading the orientation highlighted this diversity. She mentioned the percentages of ethnic groups within the school, asserted that some students come from money while others have no home at all, and offered insight to the school’s equality and acceptance of all expressions of sexuality and

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