Portrayal Of Gender Stereotypes And Expectations

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I have chosen to focus this paper on the portrayal of gender stereotypes and expectations as seen in the book Ethan Frome written by author Edith Wharton. Before I proceed with this topic, allow me to highlight the ingenious writing style of the author and her subtle discussion of unhappiness, which opened the door to adultery in the marriages of both Wharton and her main character in the book Ethan Frome.
Married to Edward “Teddy” Wharton in 1885 at the age of 23, Wharton’s marriage was described as one filled with years of unhappiness and infidelity to follow after her move to Paris in 1907. It was then that Edith met a journalist named Morton Fullerton and began an illicit affair. This affair provided Wharton with the passion and excitement she lacked in her own marriage as in comparison to Ethan Frome 's marriage to Zenobia referred to as Zeena. Frome’s marriage which I will discuss more in details lacked passion and excitement all of which he began to find through his emotional infatuation with Mattie, the younger cousin and caretaker of his wife.
The story of Ethan Frome was written in 1911, leaving any reader to possibly conclude that this book could be seen as a highlight of Wharton 's very own marital tragedy although not spoken directly. Was there a concern by Wharton for rejection of the story if the main character were a female? The topic of adultery is one that can be traced back to the Greco-Roman times down to Puritan society. In Puritan times, any woman
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