Comparison Of Poseidon And The Little Mermaid

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Do you like gum? Particularly Trident gum? You do? Me too! My favorite flavor is spearmint, what’s yours? But have you ever tied the name of the chewing gum in with Greek mythology? Hmmmm… I’m guessing not. Think of the logo and name ,and maybe you’ll get a hint from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Poseidon, under the sea, trident…. yes? Poseidon was the god of the seas and he had a trident, getting its name from the Greek language, according to a Prezi presentation (see Bibliography for more info). Based on the site,,‘Tri’ means three and ‘dentes’ means tooth. So in conclusion, Trident means ‘triple-toothed’ (and also strong), like Poseidon’s trident, meaning your teeth will be strong if you chew trident gum. The successful

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