Positive And Negative Impacts Of Youth Sport

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Each year, millions and millions of American children participate in one or more organized youth sport, both in the public and private sector (Coakley 2009). Youth sport has become an important part of our society as more and more children get involved in the complexity of sports. There are many benefits that come with the participation in youth sport including an increase in self-esteem, increase in confidence, moral development, better grades earned, reduced dropout among participants, fewer problems outside the classroom, increase in physical activity and decrease in obesity and health problems among others (Donaldson and Ronan 2006). With participation in youth sport also comes an increase in sports-related injuries, burnout, increased stress, and a need to achieve unrealistic expectations placed upon by parents and coaches (Coakley 2009). The goal of this paper is to examine the impacts, both the positive and the negative impacts, of participating in youth sport on the social relationships of the children who participate in youth sports.
The positive and negative impacts of participating in youth sports on a child’s social relationships will be further discussed. A child’s social system, in relation to this paper, includes the relationships with his or her parents, coaches and fellow teammates as a result of their participation in youth sport. It is important to note that a child’s participation in youth sport may affect the relationship that child has with his or her…
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