Positive Impact Of Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus’ Impact Essay Outline
I. Introduction
a. The Hook: Christopher Columbus without a doubt was an imperative figure in American History. Despite never technically setting foot on (the now known) American grounds, his arrival brought both positives and negatives that can still be felt in today’s society.
b. Preview of Main Points
i. Columbus’ arrival to The New World was an accident, but it was important as it allowed other European explorers to see there was uncharted territory for them to discover, thus allowing them to find America. ii. A major positive of Columbus’ arrival to (the now) United States of America is the Columbian Exchange; the event in which the exchange of people and many goods across the Atlantic took place. But, with the good—also came …show more content…

With the arrival of a new culture came clashes with the Natives who would fight to maintain their way of life. Columbus’ voyages in 1492 and forward expectedly brought genocide as many Natives naturally fought to keep their land and culture. European explorers would kill disruptive Natives in a way to express dominance, but that same act would spark defiance as Natives were (and still are) proud people. For as much damage disease did to Natives, European slaughtering their people was just as bad—and of course, the enslavement of Natives was soon to follow. Despite Africans being introduced to the New World, Natives were taken prisoner and forced into the same life. Letters sent to Spain’s royalty described Natives (of The Caribbean) as useful in hard labor, word would spread upon arrival and rulers of Europe would want their travelers to bring back Natives from The New World. Genocide and slavery eradicated the Native population, but those that refused to conform to the new arrivals and way of life would fight back, interestingly enough using the impact of The Columbian Exchange goods in their favor. Horses especially, were used by Natives—making attacks and retreats much easier than on

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