Positive Thinking And Negative Thinking

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The human mind is a peculiar thing, it can tear you down and make you think that you deserve to be on the ground or it can pull you up and place you on a pedestal of praise. Your mind is your beacon of emotion that allows you to make the right decisions, and positive thinking gives you that natural spur of determination to accomplish any and all challenges in front of you. And just as negative thinking can place you in a sea of emotional despair leaving you grasping for even the smallest scraps of hope to float you to the surface and allow you to breath in the air of relief that your long and frightening endeavor has ended, positive thinking can place you on an enormous, luxurious ship sailing on calm cool waters of satisfaction, happiness and confidence in everything that has just occurred. I have fallen victim many a times to negative thinking. I for a long portion of my life have constantly found myself bobbing below the surface of relief being pulled down by the weight of all my negative thoughts “I can’t do it. . .I’m not good enough. . .I’m gonna fail. . .why do I even try…” then finally feeling shock and relief when I would somehow manage to break the surface of the water and feel relief gently wash over me. It was a constant routine that I had begun to grow tired of and felt as though I could no longer take it. So I sat myself down and began to self evaluate and came to the conclusion that ‘hey I’m not the bad let me try and lighten up on myself a little’.

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