Possible Cause Summary

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According to the probable cause summary created on September 28, 2015, by Officer K. P. Groome, of the Chesapeake Police Department, the following events occurred:

“Officer Groome attempted to stop a 2003 Honda Civic on Oliver Avenue in the city of Chesapeake for stolen license plates. Officer Groome activated his lights and siren for the driver to pull over. The driver of the vehicle did not stop, ran multiple stop signs and red lights, and was driving in excess of 80 mph. The driver continued driving through South Norfolk area into the city of Norfolk. The vehicle came to a stop on Reservoir Avenue in the city of Norfolk. The driver was identified as the accused and the passenger got out of the vehicle and ran. The Norfolk police responded to the area with their K9 unit, and the accused was hiding underneath the crawl space of a house. The accused was found in possession of a dime bag of marijuana and the vehicle, property belonging to Paul Brady, which had been reported stolen on 09/26/2015, in the city of Chesapeake. The accused is not a licensed driver. The accused stated that he received this vehicle from a “friend.”

Zavion reported he …show more content…

Shaunte' Ward reported Zavion got involved with the wrong people and some of them were old friends from a former neighborhood which he previously resided. She further stated Zavion has avoided engagement in criminal behavior for the most part of his juvenile years, but he now waits until he gets older to be in the system for a matter such as this.

Mr. Timothy Gray, the father, reported Zavion has a tendency to use poor judgment, and he is much smarter than the inappropriate choices he makes.

A victim statement was not ordered for this case.

Zavion was not on probation in any jurisdiction at the time of the current offenses. He has pending matters in the city of Chesapeake for a curfew violation, two counts of attempted petit larceny, credit card theft, tampering with an auto and attempted tampering with an

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