Post Civil War Businesses Influenced Politics and the Economy in America

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After the civil war, businesses began to become big, they grew significantly in size, number and mostly in influence. Different corporations and businesses grew so much that they had a big effect and so much power and control in America. the businesses began to influence the people of america, the politics and the economy in america. As these companies and businesses grew, some became really powerful which was a good and bad thing. In post-Civil War United States, big businesses and corporations grew with both positive and negative impacts on politics, the economy and the responses of Americans.
Corporations growing was beneficial to the economy, mainly because of the costs of different things. Indexed prices between 1870-1899 are shown in …show more content…

He talks about how the Standard Oil company offered the same quality of oil for lower prices than he could do. Other situations like this was the Credit Mobilier scandal were railroad companies got paid a lot of money but built little railways with the money keeping the rest.
As businesses are growing, they become more in power. Monopolies begin to have more power, and monopolies and other businesses controlled the senate. The picture in document D shows how the people and public entrances are closed. It shows different monopolists lined up at the door, people with big bellies with trust signs on them and a sign that says “This is a senate of the monopolists by the monopolists and for the monopolists”. These all show how the trusts are oversized, how monopolists trusts are wealthy and very powerful. it shows how trust controls the senate and industries and corporations. People began to want more power. Document F shows how people want the power of the people to be expanded. People want the government to restore power to “the plain people” and to end the oppression, injustice and poverty.
Corporations booming affected the Americans in different ways. The industrialized cities begin to attract more people. Urban transportations were improving and this led to the making of department stores. Document I talks about a novel where a woman talks about the department stores in a city. How department stores were the most effective retail organisation. how

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