Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Its Evolution Essay

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There are several multifarious studies on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its evolution. There are studies that delve into the psychological effects of PTSD on people 's brain activity and human behavior after a traumatic experience. There are also studies such as those written by Patience Mason and Kay Marie Porterfield which provide information centered specifically on the development of PTSD in the area of combat and war throughout history. The authors of Straight Talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and A Short Story of PTSD describe and explain how troopers from the past have coped with the existence of PTSD and the treatment of society, which tends to affect the development of the illness. In this report, further analyzes will be made on the different influences and effects of PTSD of soldiers. Straight Talk about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Coping with the Aftermath of Trauma, written by Kay Marie Porterfield, was published in New York in 1996 by Facts on File. The purpose of the text is to inform readers about the recovering process from PTSD and its association with the public throughout different periods of time. The information found in this source is incredibly valuable because the author is a well-educated individual who has studied the topic, and withholds an M.A in counseling from Arizona State University. Her data also comes from credible sources that convey important statistics. However, as a limitation Dr. Porterfield prioritized on the

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