Post-Traumatic Stress Journal

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Journal The horrible condition of post-traumatic stress disorder can affect your life in many ways. Post-traumatic stress is a psychological reaction that occurs after experiencing a highly stressing event (as wartime combat, physical violence, or a natural disaster) outside the range of normal human experience and that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, flashbacks, recurrent nightmares, and avoidance of reminders of the event—abbreviation PTSD . (Post-traumatic stress disorder, n.d.) Having PTSD can cause you to lose important people in your family, harm people around you and even harm yourself. This condition is difficult to live with because you will never know when you have a reaction, or even …show more content…

In the film Legends of the fall, the main character Tristen begin having symptoms of PTSD when he saw his brother, Samuel get shot multiply time and died in his hands while they were fighting in World War 1.This caused him to distance himself from his family leaving them hurt, not knowing if he would ever return. In the episode “Skin deep” of Magnum P.I, Magnum was to investigate a crime of an actress committing suicide and while investigating he begin to have flash backs about him in service. Our guest speaker, Cpl. Zampier who serviced in the Marines suffered with PTSD after seeing his best friend get blown up while servicing in Iraq. From his tragic event he is unable to do a lot of normal activities and it caused him to lose his wife. Bruce Banner “the Hulk” from the avengers suffered from PTSD after being transformed into the Hulk from a bomb explosion while trying to save a child. He fights with the transition of being a human or a big anger green monster. As you may see all of these examples experiences an event where they could have lost their lives but didn’t. Even though they did not, they are not always thankful that they are …show more content…

There were three brothers named Samuel, Tristen and Alfred who loved each other like brothers should. Samuel brought a girl home named Susannah who he planned on marrying. While getting to know the family, Susannah spent a lot of time doing the things the boys did, such as shooting and maintaining the animals. After seeing Susannah abilities both of Samuel’s brothers begin to fall for her as well. Samuel begin spending more time with Susannah and learning about her more begin to make him scared. Scared that he would not meet her expectations. A while later, Samuel told his family he wanted to fight for his country just like his father, but that was not what his father wanted. Even though his father is a veteran, after years went by he thought it was pointless and hated it as well as the government. His father’s opinion did not stop him and his brothers from going. Samuel and Alfred wanted to go to be like their father, but Tristen went to protect his brothers (mainly Samuel). While at war Tristen stayed by his brothers side. Alfred got shot in the leg and was being sent home. When he got home he asked Susannah to marry him, but she said no. While Tristen was visiting Alfred another solider told that his brother decided to take one a deadly mission. Tristen went after his brother, who went back in the war for the mission. When he found him, he saw him get shot multiple time and stuck

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