Potential Threats For Hampton Roads

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There are several potential threats for Hampton Roads. We have several military bases in the area that may be a large target for terrorists. We are also only a few hours from Washington D.C., so we could receive fallout from any attack that may occur there. We are primarily susceptible to radiological, nuclear, chemical, and cyber-terrorism. These are devastating threats that could potentially occur in our community, but the local, state, and federal agencies are progressively becoming more and more prepared for any form of incident that may occur. Danielle Rose stated, “I believe Virginia Beach is properly prepared for a WMD. Our biggest military base very close by and precautions have been put into place to protect the citizens in this …show more content…

The first task for response personnel is to search for potential incident survivors. Fallout shelters need to be established to take in survivors of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack from a weapon of mass destruction. Since most survivors would be directly exposed to a weapon of mass destruction, they will need to be sent to isolation quarters and they would require specialized medical personnel to handle those victims (Rose, 2015). The only victims that do not get the same treatment are those who are in prison. They receive medical attention within the facility because they are not allowed to be integrated with the public. All victims receive emergency care and protection from the National Guard as well as the local police departments (Rose, 2015).

None of these jobs and responsibilities would be defined if it were not for the National Incident Management System and FEMA. They have broken down incident management into mitigation, prevention and preparedness, response and recovery. Mitigation is the phase of disaster management that reduces the impact of disasters. It is important to be proactive about disasters to prevent as much damage as possible. There needs to be an understanding of risks in each area of the country with a focus on environmental factors (What is Mitigation?). The Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration is responsible for several

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