Poverty And Inequality Between The United States Of America And India

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This paper aims to address the key differences in poverty and inequality between the United States of America and India. We chose these two countries to analyze as inequality and poverty are difficult to compare and contrast on a global scale between all 196 countries. India and USA are also similar at key fundamental levels. We will compare the USA and India across eight key areas in order to come to a conclusion on the driving factors that have created the clear disparities in inequality and poverty between the two countries.
When analyzing the geographical size and significance of both the US and India we need to look at the geography as it relates to inequality and poverty. The current land masses (area) are as follows:
● USA - 4th in the world - 9,826,630 sq.km.
● India - 7th in the world - 3,287,590 sq.km.
Geography is a key influence on inequality and poverty for states. According to Jared Diamond’s novel Guns, Germs and Steel there is a clear correlation between climate and economic growth. One aspect that affects economic growth based geography is disease. Disease and bacteria spread far more easily in tropical climates than cooler climates. For example, warmer countries tend to have disease-carrying mosquitoes year round compared to cooler countries where the mosquitoes die out during the winter. India falls into this category because it is a Malaria ridden country. There is a strong correlation between Malaria infected countries and poverty, due to the…
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