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People are divided when it comes to discussing the issue of poverty worldwide especially in the United States. Poverty within the U.S is getting worst because people are divided between the meaning of providing assistance to the poor and the welfare program. Many people want to assistance the poor but not enough is getting done about it. People living in poverty is blamed for their poverty. They are seen as lazy and not hard working enough. The system is design to blame the welfare program for people living in poverty, and as well as the individual in poverty. The new century and millennium we live in very individualistic where it all about better oneself through hard work, and self-reliance. Poverty is when someone is in the state of …show more content…

This is the same fate that’s await Tabitha unless some opportunity come along. Since Tabitha Hicks is Alva Mae daughter, it easy to assume that the same fate awaits her because of the way the economy is set up. People tend to have the same socioeconomic status as their parents. It’s pass down from generation to generation because people only have encounter with people who have the same socioeconomic status as well. The only person that had major influence on Tabitha Hicks is rookie corps member of Teach for America (TFA) who was assigned to her classroom name Mark Patten.
Tabitha Hicks interaction with Mr. Patten change her perspective and provided her with better opportunity, and the ability to make wise decisions. Mr. Patten first change Tabitha impression of white people when he visits her home and did not judge her. Not only did he not judge her, he also helps her new glasses. He pays attention to how she was doing, and it was genuine (146). She explains that she never had anyone treat her that way before, and she trusted him. This shows how the educational system is lacking because no one else notice until the new teacher Mr. Patten was assigned to her classroom. It shows the lack of concern the school have for the students. One Example that shows that the educations system is lacking is when Tabitha gym teacher message her on Facebook

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