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How the Power of Literature Has Affected My Life - Value of Literature Alex Sidorov English 101 Alex Sidorov Thompson English 101 May 27, 2009 How the Power of Literature Has Affected My Life - Value of Literature If you asked me how much I valued literature a few months ago, I would have probably laughed it off and proclaimed it has no value because it does not affect me. What kind of value could literature possibly have? It is just books. Random characters dealing with their random problems. What could that possibly offer me except giving me something to kill time? It was not until I began researching about the value of literature that I realized its vital contributions to my life and the lives of everyone around me. I found out no…show more content…
and this imaginative power restores us to our real selves... and enriches an inner self. Great literature helps revive what is most precious in our souls" ("The Enduring Value"). Literature is the key for a healthy imagination. Although literature has, some "hidden" powers like expanding your imagination and promoting empathy, it serves another obvious purpose, to teach. Literature, fiction or non-fiction, usually has something to offer. A great example of this is A Complicated Kindness. Before reading this novel, I believed the typical stereotype of Mennonites: boring, religious people who shun themselves from the outside world because for some reason, they think their way of life is better than ours. This book taught me how wrong I was. I learned that many of the Mennonite teenagers go through the same troubles and experiences many average Canadian teens go through. I discovered the author grew up as a Mennonite in Manitoba, and although it is by no means a factual memoir, I am still confident, much of the information about the culture and the people's behavior is accurate. Reading the book was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated because I was learning about a new culture and I could in some ways, relate to Nomi, at least much more than I thought I would. Literature was able to teach me about the behind-the-scenes Mennonite lifestyle that I don't think I could learn about anywhere else. In an essay by Cynthia Ozick, she states that
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