Power 's The Old Bird

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J.F. Power’s The Old Bird, A Love Story tells the story of an elderly and unemployed Mr. Newman who must learn to adapt to a new reality: adapting to a job that is not white-collared. Through this short story, J.F. Power is able to portray the toil and turmoil of emotions that Mr. Newman experiences in the course of his first day at a new job. The author introduces four different characters, all key components to help the reader determine and decide what emotions Mr. Newman may be feeling. Each character is used thoughtfully and expertly to convey the author’s own sympathy for Mr. Newman’s situation.

The author cleverly and appropriately names his main character Mr. Newman. Mr. Newman’s own name is a play on his situation and his slow transformation into a
“new man”. He is a “new man” essentially because he starts a new job where there is physical labor, instead of what is normal to him. He puts behind his old love for the normality, getting a white-collared job, for one that is uncomfortable to him. For him, there is only one goal in mind: to get money. This goal is what helps push him out of his comfort zone, especially with Christmas coming around.

Mr. Newman’s first encounter is with an Information Worker. Already from their first meeting, Mr. Newman is mess: he’s stuttering and tripping over his words. He’s full of nerves and confusion, uncomfortable in this new setting when he begins to approach the Information Girl. They exchange a tense conversation with Mr.…
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