Prediction of Clean Coal Using Mathematical Models

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The productivity of a plant depends on the variables presents and how they are controlled or manipulated in order to achieve the desired results with minimum production cost. This can be achieved by modeling mathematical equations to understand the behavior of the process and also predict the behavior of the system if certain changes are introduced. In summary, engineers need to model processes if they are going to design or develop those processes. In the practices of engineering design, models are often applied to predict what will happen in a future situation. However, the predictions are used in ways that have far different consequences than simply anticipating the outcome of an experiment (What Is Mathematical Model). We obtain the response of a system to the sum of the specific inputs by superposing the separate responses of the system to each individual input. This principle is used to predict the response of a system to a complicated input by breaking down the input into a set of simpler inputs that produce known system responses or behaviors.
This research is aimed at finding possible ways of controlling different variables that affect the production (in terms of quantity and quality) of a clean coal product through mathematical equations. The main objectives are to determine the existence of a relationship between the input and output operational variables based on the Plant information. The washability curve is also used based on its accurate information about

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