Prejudice And Prejudice, By Gordon Allport

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If we take a look at prejudice, which can be defined as socially shared judgement or evaluation of the group including feelings with judgement (Fiske, 2010). Prejudice is one that addresses both explicit and implicit nature (Crisp & Turner, 2010). It can also be based upon a number of factors that are effective from a social perspective as well. Some of the factors that can lead to prejudice is sex, race, age, and also sexual orientation. Some of the issues that occur may be pertaining to racism, sexism, classicism, homophobia, nationalism, and also religious prejudice as well. It can occur when stereotype is put into motion, which leads to a negative outcome. It can be looked at as an attitude, thus has affective, cognitive behavioral component as well. Prejudice has the ability to affect all of us, which include majority group members as well as minority. Gordon Allport discusses prejudice and stereotypes, emerges in part as a result of normal human thinking.
If we take a look a prejudice, we know that it can have an effect in so many ways, and that it is over impacted about society and that the many environmental factors that we find ourselves as well. As an individual, I find myself dealing with prejudice on an everyday basis. But overall I think that it solely deals upon a person mindset and how they may interpret or deal with prejudice as an individual. Overall, I think that it affect how we encounter many things in life, and how we utilized this situations to make a

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