Prejudice In Today's Society

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In today’s society, prejudice is unfortunately all too common and we have all had to confront it as individuals in our own way. Judge Taylor comment that, “People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for” (page 92), presents us with a perfect definition of prejudice. The term involves ‘pre-judging’ a person or situation and forming opinions on false assumptions about gender, race and social status. In the Bildungsroman novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee examines the impact of prejudice on Boo Radley, Mrs. Dubose and Tom Robinson. These characters in the story have not in any way harmed anyone, nor did they go against the law. Yet, they were treated unreasonably as in Maycomb, people only notice the qualities that …show more content…

He remained like a child, and kept himself invulnerable by staying in the Radley House all day and night. When Scout was busy looking at the fire in Miss Maudie’s house, he, ‘put a blanket around you(her)’. This indicates that Boo was different from the what he was rumoured to be. He was a person who deprived the opportunity to show compassion for other people, and as well as, to be embraced in the childhood he once had. Furthermore, Boo was more than what everyone had thought. Scout described herself to, ‘finally see’, Boo in the way she never had seen him before, and that Boo would ‘be there all night’. The use of the word, ‘finally’, conveys the relief Scout felt as she realised Boo was by their side when they were asleep. This emphasizes the fact that nobody had cared to notice him because they believed in what they saw and refused to find ways to prove it wrong. The only thing they did was to warn others about Boo and manipulated everyone to treat him with contempt. In spite of killing Bob Ewell at the end of the novel, it was done to protect the children. Bob Ewell became seeking for revenge on the children because their father ruined his reputation and brought him shame. As seen in the novel, Boo was not only a devoted and kind-hearted person, he was also a hero who saved Scout and Jem from the clutches of the real villain, Mr Ewell, whose ignorance and prejudice led to his own …show more content…

Tom Robinson is a negro who was accused of raping a white girl named Mayella Ewell. Out of kindness, Tom went into Mayella’s house to help her fix the door. He had no intention to harm her in any ways but he was lured into a trap that she had perfectly planned. Mayella was the one who seduced and accused him for rape, which was contradicting. At that time, the fact that a white woman was attracted to a black man was repulsive and no one would acknowledge that. Everyone in Maycomb knew from the very start that Tom would lose the case because he was a negro, and the ‘evil assumption – that all negroes lie’ (page 109). Even if he was innocent, he would still be charged guilty of rape as long as the discrimination of negroes remained

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