Premature Neonate

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One of the prevailing complications of premature neonates in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is in the amount of calories and heat lost in the day to day movements like crying, fussing, moving and suckling. Neonates do not participate in thermal regulation inside a mother’s uterus and continue to lack the ability to do so for a few weeks after birth; they lack subcutaneous fat, have a large surface area to body weight ratio, and are therefore especially vulnerable to hypothermia in the first hours of life (Cramer, 2005). The lack of regulatory mechanism predisposes neonates to an energy deficiency that hinders developmental maturation and does not provide adequate nutrition to the rapidly-developing body. One of the most prevalent nursing …show more content…

Although the operational definition within each study differs slightly, varying from infants less than 24 weeks to that of less than 33 weeks in gestation, the intervention is able to be compared because the thermoregulatory mechanisms in all neonates does not completely develop until a weeks after full term gestation (Bredemeyer …show more content…

For the trial, the team obtained informed consent from women whom seemed to be heading towards a delivery before the 29 week gestational mark and the fetuses were randomly selected to be in either the control or the intervention group prior to delivery. Hospital resuscitation protocol was followed on all infants regardless of which group they were in, as well as being covered in blankets to be transferred to the NICU after being stabilized. The team attempted to control external factors that might alter the data, like the temperature of the delivery room, by implementing measures to create a controlled ambient for the deliveries, setting the thermostat of the delivery rooms to 26 degrees Celsius. This variant was therefore taken into account in the data analysis and the ambient temperature was recorded at the time of birth for the infant, as well as admission time to the NICU and temperature. Upon admission to the NICU all protocol was followed in the same manner for both groups and cranial ultrasounds done, number of days on oxygen supplementation, major brain injuries and date of hospital discharge and mortality dates were recorded. The statistical analysis of the data was done using the

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