Preparing NYC for Major Storms Essay

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Preparing NYC for major storms

On October 29 2012 Hurricane Sandy hits New York. It is important for us people who live in New York to know what are the plans to reduce the damage of the next major storm, if there is one. Also it will make us feel safer if we know what they are doing. The four sources I will be using are “The Next Hurricane and the Next” By The Editorial Board, Published: August 23, 2013, “Natural Allies for the Next Sandy” By Henry Fountain, Published: October 28, 2013, “To Save City From Storm Surges, No Miracles Required” By Jim Dwyer, Published: June 27, 2013, and the person I interview on this topic is my mother Qian Mei Chen, she had experience what happened during the hurricane.
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“Natural features are, at best, an uncertain solution. While some natural barriers like dunes have been shown to be very effective at absorbing much of the storm’s energy – during Sandy, shore towns with dunes suffered less damage generally than those without – it’s less clear that marshes, oyster reefs, kelp beds or the like provide much protection.”
“To Save City From Storm surges, No Miracles Required” By Jim Dwyer. Jim Dwyer talks about how during the Hurricane Sandy there was a huge amount of flooding in some area of New York and the plans to stop these places from returning to water during the next storm. Jim Dwyer uses statistics to show us why we need to prepare NYC for major storms. “Sandy was 14 feet above sea level.” And says “There are 500-plus entrances into the subway station on the very tip of lower Manhattan alone, if you miss three of four of them, the water gets in.” Also the city has proposed what it calls an integrated flood-wall system, instead of building a high wall that would obstruct the views, the land running back from the water’s edge would be raised.

I have interviewed Qian Mei Chen who is my mother and who also experienced what happened during the storm. She says that this was the first time a storm this big has ever hit New York and told me what happened during the storm. During the storm she had to prepare food and candles just in case if stores will be closed the next day and the candles would be used if there was a

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