President Of The United States

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President of the United States, a position in government that requires man to be truthful, trustworthy, and proper. A position that is forbidden for wrong, and improper beings such as criminals or law-breakers. In this case however, a man by the name of Abraham Lincoln was given the position not suited for him, and he has misused it to its core. Lincoln denied Habeas Corpus which is one of the many important rights that people have when imprisoned. He has denied the first amendment rights set forth by the constitution by destroying newspaper stands that he deemed were inappropriate, and having citizens arrested for simply standing up for what they believe in. Lincoln also disrupted the checks and balances system by dodging rulings of the Supreme Court whose main power is to keep each branch of the government in its constitutional boundaries. Abraham Lincoln needs to be removed from office due to the violation of the laws that were set forth by the Constitution of the United States. To begin, Lincoln’s suspension of the Habeas Corpus not only took away the rights of the people, but it went completely against the United States Constitution. Habeas Corpus is the right of man to be tried in the court of law before officially being found guilty. Lincoln suspended the exercise of this right which then denied many imprisoned the right to be formally tried. One specific case is that of John Merryman. Merryman was imprisoned by the military for being involved in pro-confederate…
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