Essay Prevailing in Brown vs. Board of Education

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Prevailing in Brown v Board of Education In my research I will go through all the information regarding the case that changed America. The Brown vs Board of Education which began in 1951. In my search I will go through the differences of the trail and some similarities of society today. My research there was a case that set the entire mood which was the Plessy vs Ferguson that allowed segregation in schools. Colors and whites were still equal but only in different schools. Brown vs board began with 13 Black teenagers whose parents enrolled them to schools which were closer to their home. These happen to be local white schools only. This was done with the intension to break the barrier of an all-White school or Black school. …show more content…

Ferguson. As forward as it may seem the wide audience of the United States felt there was no issue with segregation. Everyone would go forward with their day and no one wanted to be side by side to one another. The majority of things were segregated at the time in the public and it led to this lost of concern for interest in schools. When the decision to take on the case at a Supreme Court level came there was many changed in opinions. And things that needed to be viewed in the supreme court. This case became so important because it turned the views of absolutely everything else. There was a total of about 4-6 cases that would involce the brown’s case and they are the following: Gebhard V. Belton, Briggs V. Elliot, S Carolina, Davis . County School of board price and several which opened up like a can of worms. These cases were all sharing similar circumstances and accusations towards the segregation of schools. By this time there was only one case that would win at a state level and that was Febhard the Supreme Court determined that it was unlawful to segregation, discriminate or anything close to that nature. In other cases discrimination wasn’t questions and continued until Supreme Court ruled. After getting a nationwide scoop of this court case the final decision was coming and there was too many legal issues that were in place. The discrimination wasn’t considered when hearing the court case they need to retry this case because the

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