Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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In Pride and Prejudice, the first marriage presented is that of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Being the parents of five daughters, the Bennet 's marriage set the example for their children yet their relationship did not constitute true love, but more of mutual tolerance. Mrs. Bennet, an obnoxious women with an erratic temper, symbolizes society’s obsession with material wealth and social standing. As Jane Austen states when describing Mrs. Bennet, “The business of her
Vanek 7 life was to get her daughters married” (Austen 3). Most mothers would be happy for their daughters to marry whoever they pleased, yet Mrs. Bennet made it her occupation to have her daughters marry men of high social stature, such as Mr. Bingley. Infatuated with the idea of having her daughters married off to wealthy gentlemen, Mrs. Bennet put no emphasis on true love, but overly accentuated the social and economic gains of marriage. Just as society is overpowered with wealth, Mrs. Bennet was fixated on how her daughters’ marriages could financially benefit the family, showing her shallower minded view of women. Her daughters were merely property to be sold off, not young women with rights to marry whoever made them happy. On the other hand, Mr. Bennet’s laziness fed Mrs. Bennet’s obsessive responsibility to have her daughters married. Rarely seen outside his library, Mr. Bennet had no motivation and did not effectively try to provide for his family in order to save them from being left with nothing

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