Pride And Pride In Beowulf

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Beowulf is a story that has been told over thousands of years. Beowulf is the story of one of the greatest warriors known to man. Even the man who claims to be the best of them all has a weakness and has faced temptations. Beowulf's inability to control his lust for women, power, and pride is what continues the deconstruction of the kingdom. The curse continues to rampage through the village of the Danes due to man’s weakness. One of the first seven deadly sins that Beowulf is faced with is the theory of pride. Beowulf will do anything to further his reputation as the greatest warrior. He intends to encourage people to think that he is the god like figure who can be trusted and cannot be faced by temptation. In the text Beowulf says, “Scarcely did I survive that with my life, the struggle beneath the water, barely did I accomplish the task, the fight was all but ended…”( Unknown, 30) Beowulf says this to help encourage this idea that even in his weakest moment he was strong enough to come out of a very tough battle. Beowulf is not a credible source though. Nobody had witnessed this battle to see how troublesome it truly was. Consequently Beowulf has a motive to lie about how tough this was in order to feed his desire for pride. The Danish people often felt a sense of worship for Beowulf. Beowulf had come to save them from Grendel, so they felt he was their hero. The author refers to Beowulf and says, “they rejoiced in the prince, that they could behold him safe and
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