Primary Article Assignment ( Viruses )

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Primary Article Assignment Microbiology ICP#1 (Viruses)

Name: Katie Slivko
1) Anatomy of Paper a) 19 authors (Rodrigo Delvecchio, Luiza M. Higga, Ana Luiza Valadao, Fabio L. Monteiro, Paula Pezzuto, and Patricia P. Garcez) ect. b) They all worked at the Institute of Biology at the Federal University of Rio de Janerio. In addition, it seem that they all had experience with infectious disease. Most of the authors worked in genetics, pathology, immunology, biomedical sciences, or Pathobiological sciences. c) I would say the authors that are from Rio would have more knowledge and experience with the ZIKA virus then those who are from Italy d) Rodrigo Delvecchio ? e) …show more content…

After the 4 days they did find that it increased the cells viability thus protecting newborns from the risk of microcephaly. -Cholorquine Inhibits ZIKV Infection in Mouse Neurospheres ANS: They found that chloroquine treatment did protect neuritis from becoming misshapen or damaged. It also showed that exposure to chloroquine the number of neuritis infected decreased as well. b) In the abstract and results section
3) Significance of Biological Science a) With ZIKA increasing drastically in the past years there has been a push to find a vaccine that can protect individuals from contracting the disease and thus preventing the spread of the disease globally and sexually. The scientists in this study aim to find a treatment that will lessen affects of the disease and prevent transmission through treatment with Chloroquine. Cloroquine is known to treat malaria and parasitic infections already. Thus they tested the affects of Chloriquine on two strains of ZIKA in various cell types. B) They used various cell types infected with different strains of ZIKA, one form Africa and one from Brazil. They then administered various amount of Chloroquine to the infected cells to see if it decreased infection and

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