Primary Source Anaylsis George Alsop

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Primary Source Analysis: George Alsop, a Resident of Maryland, Argues That Servants in Maryland Profit from life in the Colonies, 1666 George Alsop’s memoir of his service as an indentured servant in the colony of Maryland provides an insightful look into the lives of indentured servants in Maryland during the middle of the 17th Century. Throughout this period of colonial America the British were notorious in their use of propaganda to attract young British men into indentured servitude as the use of slaves was not yet perpetual, and would not be until 1670. Alsop depicts an idealistic view of indenture servitude in Maryland during his own time of service, which may have been the case, however this view can be contested by Nathaniel …show more content…

The lack of Native American hostilities experienced by Alsop will also have been a contributing factor for his more positive experience of indentured servitude. By

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