Principles Of John Locke And The Declaration Of Independence

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Essay Question: RELATE the ideas of John Locke to the Declaration of Independence by DISCUSSING three main ideas in the Declaration of Independence and how each relates to the Natural Rights Philosophy. FCA 1: Clearly stated definition AND explanation of Natural Rights Philosophy. (35 points) FCA 2: Correct and consistent verb usage. (15 points) FCA 3: No unnecessary words and phrases; no repetition. (15 points) FCA 4: Concluding remarks that summarizes the focus of the essay and emphasizes the lasting impacts of these ideas. (35 points) Following, numerous years of tension and issues, including unfair taxation, and unlawful restrictions, Great Britain and the colonies, underwent a revolution resulting in their separation. Through …show more content…

A Social contract is an agreement between the people and their government limiting an individual's rights but in exchange offering them protection. The declaration acknowledges ¨That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” (Declaration of Independence) A social contract is implemented to protect the rights of the people and form a civil society. The government is created by the people and, for this reason, is to serve the interests of its citizens fully. The belief that a government derives its authority from the people, in the form of a social contract, correlates to popular sovereignty established by John Locke. Popular sovereignty explains that if a person through a social contract is creating a government then the government, therefore, derives its power from the people. This ensures that if a person is entering society by consent through a social contract they can withdraw their consent because the sovereignty of government is with the people. (We the People, 17) In addition, to the consent to leave the government people also have the ability to overthrow the government is it ever fails to secure and protect their rights. In addition, the Declaration of Independence gives the people the right to abolish and replace their government in the case of it becoming corrupt

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