Prison Reflection Paper

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In this reflection paper, I would like to explain the challenges face by the offenders after release from prisons such as jobs, housing, voting, and more. The article also describes the effect of stigma and punitive punishment on the life of offender after re-entering back into society.
Reintegration is the most difficult issue for the correctional system due to the safety of the community and increases chances of recidivism. Reintegration is the process where an offender is prepared to return safely to the society as a law-abiding citizen after serving their prison time. A life of imprisonment is a process where individuals are separated from society and forced them to live in a closed environment where antisocial value dominates. Upon …show more content…

The RNR (Risk, Needs, and Responsivity) model is another approach to understanding the criminal behavior, their criminogenic needs, and treatment to reduce their criminal behavior. The RNR’s model is necessary to reduce re-offending with the proper assessment of offenders’ static and dynamic risk. But, there are some critiques of RNR model such as it construct individual as a risk and ignores the challenge of re-entry issue. Another approach is the restorative justice which is helpful to repair the relationship between the victim, community, and the offender through interactions. The Circle of Support and Accountability (CoSA) model in Canada is a group of professional volunteers to help the sexual offenders to reintegrate into society after release from jail.
Offenders may have difficulty in finding a job because most of the time employers do not want any ex-criminal in their company. Offenders could not socialize with their friends because these offenders considered being gang members or criminal members. A family reunion is another challenge after release from prison due to strained relationships and the effect of parent’s incarceration on children. Felony convictions face housing problems after release from prison because of owners’ unwillingness to rent to ex-felons. Some can lose their civil rights after the conviction which will affect

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