Private Prisons Are Becoming A Cash Cow For A Lot Of Mega Corporations For Big Business

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Private prisons are becoming a cash cow for a lot of Mega Corporations for big business. At one time in American penal system operated at dangerous criminal needed to be put under lock and key in order to protect society. Now and days many of our states are trying to save money so that’s why private prisons have been the answer to a lot of these states. We as a country are moving to that direction because it’s easier on states. With public prisons overcrowded the move for states to privatize prisons. The big push for this is state’s provide security, housing, food, medical care, etc., for six million Americans. Which has been a hardship for cash-strapped states, to profit-hungry corporations such as Corrections Corp of America (CCA) and GEO Group, the leaders in the partnership corrections industry that have found a $70 billion dollar gold mine. The situation in the United States is different because the states each have their own criminal codes and a more extensive penal system. Each state must decide its position on the matter of privatization. Because of this, there are no available figures on the extent of privatization in terms of contracts for services. Joel (as cited by John Howard Society, 1994) noted that all but nine states have contracted out for miscellaneous services to varying degrees. Department of Correction lacks both a sufficient number of beds to house total inmate population and an adequate system of high security beds to manage high-risk population

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