Privatization Of Social Security System

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Established by the federal government in 1935, the social security system is currently one of the most costly items in the federal budget. The purpose of the system is to provide for Federal old-age benefits, and to enable social insurance and public assistance. The proposal of moving to an entirely new system would give the people living in the United States their own individual authority of controlling their own investments. If social security does not become privatized; the system itself will turn unsustainable, the retired and disabled will not fully receive their earnings; and the people of the United States will continue to have no control over their investments. Many politicians have utilized the privatization of social security as a political platform. For example, former President George W. Bush has had 47% of Republicans that has voted in support to privatize the system. Presently, the payments received from the Social Security system grants monetary payments to the millions of Americans that are either retired or the family members of the retired and disabled for deceased workers. The federal government is held responsible for collecting these payments. Back in 1935, the social security system was formerly known as the Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI). During this time, it only took seventeen contributions from workers to pay one retiree. In comparison to now, a quarter of the employed U.S households that has contributed into the Social security funding…
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