Pro Birth Control Debate

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“One of my favorite moments is when a guy, at a certain point in a relationship says something desperately hopeful like, ‘Are you on the pill? ‘ I simply say, ‘No are you?” (Roxane Gay). Back in 1967 trying to terminate a baby was illegal. The only thing they were able to use was condoms to prevent catching any diseases. If anyone were to try and find a way of a form of birth control you would be prosecuted. In 1972 is when they legalized birth control for citizens in the country. Ater legalizing birth control, in the 1990s along came the Depo shot, female condom, Plan B, and more. In 2013 Plan B was a emergency contraceptive that you can get over the counter and no longer needed a doctor's prescription. Birth control is the practice of preventing …show more content…

Birth control should not be allowed for teens because of the cost. According to Planned Parenthood, “Birth control can cost from $0-50 and that does not include the doctor price/visit,” (Where Can I Buy Birth Control Pills & How Much Do They Cost). Not everyone has the money to pay for birth control on their own so not everyone can afford it. Erin Gloria Ryan stated, “The high cost of birth control has prompted 25% of women who make less than $75,000 per year to put off going to the doctor. About 29% of women in the same income range have used their birth control method incorrectly in an attempt to try to make it last longer,” (Actually, Birth Control's Pretty Expensive). Lots of women are not using their birth control the right way due to trying to make it last longer since they can't really afford it so much. Some people think that birth control is a form of abortion. This prevents having a fertilized egg even though this is not what birth control is used for it helps this process. They also say birth control is unnatural and interferes with conceiving a child. They're trying to say that birth control interferes with the world's natural order ruining the cycle of conceiving a child. Although the core of this argument seems valid, it has a mistake in it's logic. Birth control should be allowed for teens so that not so many teen girls are dropping out of school early due to unwanted or unplanned …show more content…

According to Colorado's Family Planning Initiative, teen birth rate dropped by 40% when 68 clinics that provided birth control opened up across the state. When “16 and pregnant” premiered, teen birth was reduced when teens realized the hardships from pregnancy and being a teen mom. There are also man methods of birth control available. Birth control methods depend on health and lifestyle, making it easier to use. Teen pregnancy also contributes to teen dropout. Only 40% of mothers finish school,, 70% of all dropouts are pregnant, or mothers. 1 in 4 girls dropout because of their pregnancy. Had birth control been provided, teen dropout could be prevented. Birth control opens up more opportunities for women, and helps them to have more control over their life. Males do not become pregnant or have to worry about how a pregnancy during high school will affect them. Females are held back by unexpected pregnancies, and have to change their lifestyle and goals in life in order to take care of themselves during pregnancy, and the baby afterwards. Mot to mention the stress of pregnancy, and the stress when it comes to figuring out whether or not to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. Even facing the choice of abortion can cause anxiety. Males do not face the same consequences of teen pregnancies that females do, and they

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