Essay on Pro Death Penalty as a Means of Effective Punishment

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A teenage girl, Paula Cooper, from Gary, Indiana, and her three friends wanted some money to play video games. For them, Ruth Pelke, a 78-year-old Bible teacher, was an easy target. By taking Bible lessons from her, the four teens gained entry to her house. Then, with a 12-inch butcher knife, Paula Cooper stabbed the elderly lady 33 times to death. It is not a wonder that few had little sympathy for Paula Cooper, who was sentenced to death in 1986. Throughout ages, the death penalty has been used to punish criminals for severe crimes. All countries should enforce the use of death penalty for severe crimes since it serves to deter crime rates, acknowledges the value of human life, administers justice and gives closure to …show more content…

Ernest van den Haag, a professor at Fordham University supports this idea greatly when he comments that "Common sense?. tells us that the death penalty will deter murder, if anything can. People fear nothing more than death". Imagine that one was planning to kill a person who you lost to millions of money in an enterprise but at the same time that person knew that if he or she got caught it would lead to a 7-year prison term? Imagine again that one is in the same situation but at the same time one is aware that it would mean the death penalty if you he or she caught? Few people would choose to kill if they were in situation B, rather than situation A. From this, it can be concluded that most people would choose to avoid from committing a crime if they realize that there's a risk of losing their lives as well. The death penalty not only deters crimes but it also creates a safer society for all citizens. Sentencing a person to death means that the criminal will not be able to commit future crimes and killings of innocent people (Guernsey). Many people are greatly concerned for safety and peace. For instance, many people don't dare to go outside after the dark because they are scared of robbers, thieves, rapists, and murderers.
Some people would say that there would be fewer killings if life imprisonment is used, instead of the death penalty. However, in most countries, lifetime imprisonment isn't really enforced.

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