Problems Associated With A Learning Disability

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Ages 40 to 64 years old as well as 85 years old and older make up over 50% of the reported cases, which is a staggering number and also leaves a questionable gap within the age groups 65-75 years old as well as 75-84 years old. Throughout my literature reivew I was unable to get a well-defined explaination of why there was a drop in occurances of maltreatment in that specific age group. The same study that was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services revealed that 43 percent of cases reported were due to caregiver neglect; 19 percent self-neglect; 15 percent financial exploitation; 11 percent physical abuse; 9 percent were emotional/mental abuse; and 3 percent sexual abuse (MN Department of Human Services, 2015).
Vulnerabilities can start early in life and cummulative expereinces can shape adult outcomes. Early life difficulties, such as a learning disability, can can create challenges of personal deveopment, social and economic experiences of one’s family and community, and stressors that may be unique to various age groups or to communities as a particular time (Mechanic & Tanner, 2007). Even though malrtreatment can occur at any age – considereing that 18 years old is the generally accepted cutoff for being termed a vulnerable adult – older persons are more likely to have poorer health status, social support, and cognitive skills than younger populations (Kim & Geistfeld, 2008). The sources of vulnerability, including race, socio-economic status,…
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