Proclamation Cause Of The American Revolution

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During the Revolutionary War, the American colonists wanted freedom from the English’s constricting control. Previous wars had a high impact on the Great Britain’s funds. The war that took place before the Revolutionary War called the French and Indian War initiated the start of taxation. Due to the war, Britain had applied taxes on supplies to fund their troops. Britain sought these actions as a way to protect the people and to return the favor their taxes should be paid. A minuscule event that encouraged the colonist's outrage was the Proclamation Line of 1763. This proclamation started anger and defiance among the colonists since they thought they would be able to have more freedom after the war. The Revolutionary War developed as a result of the tight control that Britain placed on the colonists by presuming that colonists should pay taxes, specific regulation on the colonists, and harboring them to pay unjustifiable acts. Britain wanted colonists to be held accountable for paying the troops that participated in the war. King George believed that the American militia was not strong because of the poor training. Most of the blame was put on colonists due to the shortage of money and troops sent to the militia. The lack of attention that colonists gave to the militia made the British believe that they did not want to protect the frontier. Taxes were placed as a way to force the colonists to pay for the expenses. In document three, George Washington wrote a letter to

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