`` Producing Erotic Children `` By Kincaid

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Tolerance of Disturbing Evidence Most would not be pleased with someone incessantly calling them a child molester or one who enables child molestation. In fact, most would be livid and cease communication with that person immediately, but somehow James Kincaid manages to keep readers receptive while accusing them of eroticizing children in his essay, “Producing Erotic Children.” Kincaid uses several techniques, linguistic, and stylistic choices that differentiate his work from that of a standard scholarly essay, and keep readers engaged without repulsing them. The most damning accusation that Kincaid makes is that we use stories about child molestation and protest molestation to fantasize about children in a socially acceptable way. His claim that society fantasizes about erotic children is a difficult one to make, but Kincaid makes his thesis tolerable through his use of colloquial language.
In Kincaid’s essay, “Producing Erotic Children” he argues that the protest of child molestation and the discussion of cases involving child molestation is a way for those who participate in this activity to fantasize about it in a way that is not morally reprehensible to society. He indicts his audience with the sentence, “It is just that molesting and the stories protesting the molesting walk the same beat” (249). His use of the phrase, “walk the same beat” is an interesting choice for a scholarly essay. Kincaid uses that casual tone in order to make sure the audience understands and…
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