Professional Detection Dilemma Paper

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Lastly, Ms. Davis is faced with a geographical and professional isolation dilemma. The reserve unit she is working for is located in Germany. The main hospital, including the mental health clinic, is required by regulation to provide services to active duty members and their dependents. Reservists and their families, by nature of their limited active duty status, only have access to the military hospital and their services when they are on orders. Geographical separation and limited services in overseas locations often create high levels of stress for reservists and their families if they are not otherwise adequately insured. Ms. Davis’ colleagues in the hospital are already working long days to meet the needs of the active duty population and their dependents, yet there are still countless members and families on the waiting list. …show more content…

Davis knows that SSG White is only eligible for services in the hospital when she’s on orders. In the meantime, she doesn’t have any health insurance coverage to receive services off-base. Ms. Davis is truly committed to the troops and to the Army Reserve mission. Although she’s not a licensed marriage therapist, Ms. Davis is well-read on this subject matter and believes she could help this couple. NASW standard 1.04 (a) states that social workers should provide services and represent themselves as competent only within the boundaries of their education, training, license, certification, consultation received, supervised experience or other relevant professional experience. Now Ms. Davis is faced with leaving SSG White without help because of her limitations or provide marriage counseling regardless of professional licensure

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