Profiling In Criminal Minds : Profiling In Crime And Crime

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Criminal Minds does not give the viewer an honest depiction of how the FBIs Behavioral Analyst Unit go about profiling the offender. This specifically can be understood when watching season six episode ten of Criminal Minds the BAU unit is tasked with fining the unsub responsible for murdering three women in a housing complex. In this episode, they fail to properly depict profiling in 3 major ways, they never start by asking the question “why?”, they make many assumptions about the profile and possible offender, and lastly, they took on responsibilities that should be left to local law enforcement. What is Profiling Understating first what the FBI defines profiling as is helpful in understanding how television like Criminal Minds inaccurately portray profiling. Profiling is the act of using the crime scene to help draw conclusions about the criminal, where they might be from and why they committed the crime. What They Did Right Crime dramas like Criminal Minds do sometimes give an accurate glimpse of how things like profiling are conducted. In this case with episode ten the BAU team does do some profiling correctly. Once they had an idea of who the offender was they looked into his past and realized that he previously been convicted of sexually assaulting women and had knowledge in IT giving him the ability to enter the homes with ease. Looking into the past behaviors is something that the BAU does when profiling the unsub. Keely said understanding an offender’s past
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