Progressivism : Improving Society One Step At A Time

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Progressivism: Improving Society One Step at a Time The Progressive Era of America was filled with individuals who believed that they could improve society. These individuals believed that they could give every citizen of America more morals, opportunity and equality. They believed that societal structures could be established that would bring morality to the American people and that every American had the right to pursue success in their social, economic and political life. Progressives were motivated by a sense of freedom, but the freedom present in this era was not beneficial to society. The capitalist elite were “free” to exploit their industrial workers and their children with long hours and low pay and free to force those workers to work in terrible conditions. Women were “free” to continue to act as subservient house wives with no opportunity for advancement, and men were free to enforce this subservience with violent means. Immigrants and women were “free” to remain uneducated and inactive in the political movements of America. These “freedoms” are examples of the inequality between men and women, immigrants and citizens, and the upper, middle, and lower class. Using morals, education, and politics, Progressives combatted society’s ills and pushed society in the right direction. One of the first progressive movements aimed to improve the industrial workplace and the lives of its workers. Industrial workers worked long hours for low pay in a dangerous workplace, and

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