Proposal of Director’s Interpretations for Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is one of the most well loved plays and the mastermind behind it is none other than the great Shakespeare. This story has become one of the most iconic tragic teen love stories of our time. It has been reinterpreted differently by various people, each trying to present their own ideas and take of the play. Therefore, as a director, we have a tricky job. How do we in a way add more to the play? What is it that we can do to give our audience a fresh experience? Therefore, this interpretation of the play, my interpretation, has been thoroughly thought about to address all these concerns. I sincerely hope our audience has a wonderful experience as we bring to light new concepts and ideas.

One of the biggest worries when reinterpreting the play is whether or not to change is context; for our audience, as a director we must contemplate about whether or not it is better to change the context to make it more applicable to our society or to just leave it. However, in this case, I have decided to change the setting of the play by modernizing it to be set in modern America. The modernization of the play will allow for a new canvas where a whole new variety of ideas can be explored.
As I want to emphasise the extent of the violence and rivalry originally embedded in the play, I have also decided to have the concept of gangs incorporated into my interpretation of the play. The concept of gangs will also be a medium to expand on the theme of the “ancient grudge”.

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