Pros And Cons Of An Old Mouse Squirt

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EEK MOUSE: If Squirt should bring you a brown, stuffed toy mouse, T. W. & I would appreciate it if you would put it on her cat tree. It has gone missing. Squirt likes to claim it as his own, but would destroy it if left to his devices. The same goes for T. W.'s feather and her fuzzy, green mouse. RAIN: If it rains, Squirt needs to be walked, every 3 hours, during the day. When it rains, he refuses to go outside to take care of his business! At night, we take him for a walk just before bed, hope for the best during the night, and take him out, for a walk, even before his breakfast. TOYS: I will endeavor to put Squirt's three favorite toys, in the beds beside the electric fireplace. I can't guarantee they'll stay there, but they

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