Pros And Cons Of Cedar Roofing

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Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing For Your Home

When a roof is in need of replacement, it is common for homeowners to replace the roof with the materials they are familiar with. If the roof previous had asphalt shingles, then asphalt shingles will be what the homeowner will most likely choose when they replace the roof. However, a roof replacement is a time to put on the roofing material that you want, and you can go beyond the materials that are considered traditional. Cedar roofing is a material that may be a great fit for your home, but before you decide on it, you should know the pros and cons of using the material.

Pros of Cedar Roofing

There are many benefits of using cedar roofing that you may not have heard of.


Are you concerned about the impact that you make on the environment? This may make cedar roofing a great choice for your home. Green families love the roofing material because it does not harm the environment during its creation by burning fuels or using chemicals. Using …show more content…

The density of cedar roofing makes it more effective at insulating when compared to brick, concrete, or steel. You will have lower heating and cooling bills over the years due to less heat escaping through your home’s roof.

Meanwhile, the density of the wood does not make cedar roofing so heavy that it is difficult to work with. It is still easy to handle on a roof, and there won’t be additional weight that causes the need to reinforce your roofs. Roof reinforcement is a problem that comes up with materials like slate that are very heavy.

Bug Resistance

Are you worried about bugs getting into the cedar roofing material? Know that cedar is a material that is naturally bug resistant. You shouldn’t have issues with pests like termites burrowing through the wood and creating damage that needs repair, which can save you money over the years in terms of fewer

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