Pros And Cons Of Columbus

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Columbus was a greedy man with a lust for gold and a genocidal streak. A Venetian man, he knew that Europe hungered for the luxuries in Asia such as silk, and spices. This was because during the Crusades to take back the Holy Land (Jerusalem), European crusaders were exposed to fine luxuries that were only found in Asia. Therefore, European merchants had to travel many leagues along the “Silk Road” to meet demands for the profitable luxuries. However, when crossing through the Middle East (where the people were still angry about the Crusades) the merchants were required by law to pay a large export tax on all their goods. The export tax was so large that the goods from Asia weren’t profitable anymore, and thus weren’t worth the effort of transporting such a long way. Merchants then very rarely traveled the Silk Road for goods, but Europeans still wanted silk and spices. Columbus, then, decided he might profit greatly if he could find another way to Asia. It was fairly widely known that the Earth was round since his time was just after the Renaissance. Columbus thought that he could go across “the pond,” and find Asia. He went to the Crown of Portugal and asked for money and ships so he could make the voyage. After being denied this, he went to the Spanish Crown and begged for the cash, which he received. With his ships, crew, and supplies, he sailed over the Atlantic Ocean and came upon the Americas, which he thought was the Indies. This was how the Native Americans got

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