Pros And Cons Of Complementary Therapies

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The complementary therapy practice has become progressively universal, with a significant indication for nurses to ensure patients are well cared and their safety. The objective of the review is to find out the perspective of using complementary therapies by patients has impact on nurses. There were fifteen articles which were included in the review, the five researched themes were from the statistics associated with ‘’nurses' attitude towards complementary therapies”, the pros and cons of the conventional medicine, the Complementary therapies to improve nursing practice, the patient consent and their needs, the cultural differences and incorporation as well as the constitutional differences and incorporation. The support for complementary …show more content…

The OM practitioners and the government have shown more interest towards CAM, due to increase in demand. Therefore, OM practitioners have positive reaction towards CAM, but there has been a concern regarding drug interactions. The CAM practitioners in Singapore does not require enrolment with the Singapore Ministry of Health to practice. However, more studies were conducted on the occurrence and attitudes towards CAM from the user’s point of view and OM practitioners comparing the studies focusing CAM practitioners. There’s no study been conducted on CAM practitioners in Singapore regarding description and health approach. It is vital for the studies in this area as OM practitioners will need to cooperate with CAM practitioners more often considering the growing popularity of CAMs in a private health care system. Hence, the objective of the study is to explore and answer the questions such as, “What is the characteristics and business description of CAM practitioners in Singapore?” and ‘’What are their general beliefs and attitudes towards healthcare, CAM, and

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