Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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33. Paddling (Corporal Punishment) Corporal punishment is permitted at Nova Academy. The CEO, COO, Principal, and designated Administrator are authorized to paddle. If not acceptable, please send a written note signed by the Parent/Guardian. Subject to the terms of this policy, corporal punishment is authorized as a disciplinary tool at Nova Academy Schools. If a parent/guardian would like to refuse the use of corporal punishment, he/she must send a written note signed. The form will be kept on file in the principal’s office. Failure to send a written note equates to parental consent of corporal punishment. 1. Corporal punishment is defined as punishment that inflicts pain. Use of a wooden paddle only will be used to administer corporal punishment. Swats are to be given on the buttocks area only. Running laps is appropriate corporal punishment only for P.E. or athletics. No other form of inflicting pain (slap with ruler, holding book over-head) will be allowed. 2. A child may receive no more than three swats for one offense. A child may not receive more than three swats per day. 3. Any school age child may receive corporal punishment. 4. Corporal punishment will be administered in a private location such as the principal’s office. 5. An adult staff member will witness the punishment. 6. Corporal punishment shall not be administered if it requires holding a student or struggling with a student. If a child refuses to take swats, the child will be given an appropriate

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